Age of Anxiety episode 2 ' Very few are asking why not scrap it?'

Episode 2:
The clouds begin to gather over a Europe still reeling from the cataclysm of the Great War, and WH Auden, John Lehmann, David Gascoyne, Edwin Muir, C├ęsar Vallejo, and Louis MacNeice let fly with words of warning that still bear repeating today.

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  1. The experience of recording a digital-radio show, something new to me, came as a revelation. It was like speaking into the void, and then having the void speak back to me later, when we listened to the results. It transformed the poetry – thanks to the medium, the words grew wings. I should add that the Book & Record Bar is a very special space – it formed a structure, a kind of scaffolding, around the void. This scaffolding, made of second-hand books and records felt like a treasury, carefully gathered, stored and classified ready for a new lease of life. The poems that John compiled were all new to me. Reading them quietly, rehearsing them out loud at home, into the microphone, and finally hearing them from the computer - each of these encounters with the poems has been a different experience. The voices of the poets seemed more and more familiar. No longer strangers in strange lands speaking of alien experiences. They were more or less with us in the room, speaking of something close to home.